10 Best Softwares for PC Remote Access

Many softwares allow you to share desktop and remotely access your computer. Using these softwares you can control your computer from anywhere via the web. These softwares work well over the system firewall enabling you to control your computer securely. Remote access softwares are very useful to share files and hardware. You can even control your computer from your mobile using some of these softwares.

If you hold all your business files, presentations, photos and music files in your computer and you are staying away from home – You do not have to carry your computer with you, just install any of these softwares and you are sure to see the things that are present on your computer as if you are sitting right in front of your computer. Here are some of the coolest remote access softwares that allow you to do just what you want.


1. Team Viewer
When it comes to remote pc access, the first which comes in our mind is Team Viewer. It’s very popular among both home and corporate users. It free for noncommercial and is highly flexible software. You can download /learn more: Team Viewer Homepage.

2. Logmein

Well after the second among the best is Logmein. You need to create a Logmein account to access the service. Once you have done you need to install the client software before you can use the software. Download /learn more here: Logmein Homepage.

3. VNC (RealVNC)

Much more popular in the corporate world. Has much more powerful functionality .Both free edition and corporate edition available. Learn more: RealVNC Homepage.

4. AMMYY Admin
One best feature about this software is that it’s ultra-light. So can be useful when you have slow connections. Learn more: AMMYY Admin Homepage.

5. Join.me (Logmein express)

Its different type of remote screen share software. It’s pretty fast and free. Learn more: Join.me Homepage.

6. uVNC

Or Ultra VNC is another software which is free yet being very powerful with high power features. Learn more: uVNC Homepage.

7. RadminAward winning software, you can try it for 30 days, and then you need to purchase this software. Best for corporate environment. Learn more: Radmin Homepage.

8. Remote Desktop ManagerHas free version (limited functionality) and pro version. Learn more: Remote Desktop Manager Homepage.

9. MikogoFree remote desktop and conference software. Learn more: Mikogo Homepage.

10. VinagreVinagre is different from the above since its open source. Which means you doesn’t have pay anything to use it. Learn more: Vinagre Homepage.


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