4 Computer Tips to Boost Your Broadband Internet

Generally, broadband internet is very fast, most especially when newly bought. Then you have the opportunity to load as many tabs as you want to load at a time on your web browser. But when your broadband internet starts becoming old and you have neither changed it or your computer, it begins to perform slowly. This situation normally makes people feel worried. Some people will begin to look for solutions where there is no answer to their problem. The truth is that you’ll have to do something to get your broadband internet back to normal, on your own. But what is that thing?

In this situation, you are not left alone because a lot of people using the internet on their computers have experienced it. I myself have once experienced it and I’m glad to say I got it solved without much stress. That is why I am going to be talking about some computer tips that can significantly improve the performance of your broadband internet.


Remove old files
When you look closely into the folders and files on your computer you will notice that there are a lot of old files and documents that are no longer of use to you but are still occupying some space on your computer.

Go into the “My Document” folder on your system and audit all the files in the folder to inspect which ones are still useful to you and which ones are no longer useful to you. Uninstalling unused programs from your computer will also help you to free up some space and make your computer faster. Just go to control panel and click ‘Programs and files’. Don’t remove programs that are working with a program you are still using so that you don’t have problems with one program that is still important to you.

Disk defragment
When you have used your computer for a long period of time without reformatting it, the process of installing new programs, saving files and documents on your computer will make your computer break the files into blocks and create them in different locations which will always take your computer a great deal to locate. This can also make your broadband internet become slow in speed.

To make things appear normal again, run disk defragmenter. You can do this by opening ‘My computer’, right clicking on the hard disk volume you want to defragment and clicking ‘Properties’, then on the ‘Tools’ tab click ‘Defragment now’, then click ‘Defragment disk’.

Increase your memory
The fact that your computer has a great hard disk space does not fully guarantee that your broadband internet or your computer itself will be superfast. The number one factor that can guarantee how fast yourcomputer will be is the RAM or memory it has. RAM or random access memory is a very important part on the computer; it is on it that every operation that goes on your system is processed. If your system’s RAM is too low, it will take a long period of time for it to run your programs and cause your computer to become slow and this will affect your broadband internet connection.

Get rid of viruses
Viruses are very harmful to your computer. Your computer cannot perform better with a virus in it. If you don’t have an antivirus, you better do yourself good by downloading one from avast and run a system scanto get rid of viruses and spywares.

In case you are wondering what benefit you will derive from installing an antivirus, let me make you know that there are viruses that collect and upload people information to anonymous database which will beused to hack their accounts. I’m sure you won’t like this to happen to you, so get an antivirus now and scan your system for viruses.

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