5 Best Websites for Purchasing Your Next Computer or Tech Device

If you can wait a couple of days for an item to ship, it’s usually a much better bargain to purchase computers, computer parts and other electronics online; particularly when buying things like RAM memory modules, hard drives, and more. Some websites can save you up to 50% off of what you would pay in a local store.



Newegg is one of the most popular computer parts websites, normally frequented by geeks and computer builders alike. Not only does Newegg offer competitive prices, but they also have an up-to-date selection on parts and accessories. Newegg customer service has been reviewed as good by most customers, and the heavy majority of the time Newegg will assist you if you want to make a return or you receive a defective item.

Perhaps the strongest element of the Newegg website is their ratings system. A high percentage of Newegg customers return to the website after the purchase, and review products. If you are wondering whether or not a product is worth the purchase, often times Newegg’s customer reviews can persuade you to buy, or not to buy a specific item.

Newegg shipping has been quoted as being high at times, but as cheap as most of their parts are, you should still be saving money off of your local Best Buy. Newegg shipping tends to be fast as well.

Tiger Direct


Tiger Direct is another website that draws much of it’s business off of selling computer parts. Tiger Direct is also a heavy rival to Newegg, and they do offer competitive prices.

TD offers a wide selection of electronics and computer related items, but does not get the kind of reviews that Newegg gets. You will find some Newegg reviews with hundreds of customer reviews, which is rare on Tiger Direct.

Aside from that, Tiger Direct is a quality website that offers computer parts for much cheaper than you would be able to find them at a local computer store. They also have some products that Newegg doesn’t, which likely means that Tiger Direct gets some products through contract as Tiger Direct exclusives.

Tiger Direct is normally fair about accepting returns on defective items.

B&H Photo Video


If you are on the market for a new digital camera or camcorder, B&H Photo Video is the place to go. They have an overly impressive selection of photography equipment, and they offer competitive prices on most items.

Notably, B&H Photo Video sells other electronic items and even computers and computer parts as well. If you catch B&H while they are having a clearance sale on certain items, you may be able to get some things cheaper than Newegg.

Customer service for B&H Photo Video is very good. Most of the time, they have no problem returning an item as long as it has not been used. Also, they are likely to replace any defective items that you may receive. B&H is one of the most underrated electronics retailers on the web.



Amazon.com can often times give you the lowest possible price on an item. Because Amazon.com is made up of several sellers, they do offer a wide variety of computer equipment as well. Be sure to check the actual seller’s review before hitting that Add to Cart button.



Okay, so most people know Staples as being the overpriced office store down the block. However, Staples.com is a bit different than Staples retail stores. For the most part, Staples.com prices are average, meaning that places like Newegg and Tiger Direct will be the better deal.

However, when Staples runs a promo or puts an item on sale, the savings can be a great bargain. One example of this is, Staples had a $140 Samsung LCD monitor on sale for around $89.99, several months ago. Although their standard prices are nothing special, Staples’ sale items are usually a steal. Once in a while, the easy button is worth pushing.

Often times, Staples also has better prices online than in store. Thus, if you see an item at your local Staples store, it’s wise to check the online price as well. They might even price match, so that you don’t have to wait for the item to ship.

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