Disable Facebook new photo recognition feature

Facebook always says something and reality turns different. When it comes to user privacy it has been always seen that Facebook takes it granted and turns any new features to enable mode. This has attracted lots of controversy but Facebook does not seem to have learnt any lesson from their past experience. Well recent Photo recognition feature is an example to that.

New Face recognition feature enables users to tag photos, when a photo looks like you, your friends can tag you. Well when you hear to for first time it’s so great, but for people who care their privacy this auto enabled feature can be headache. So in this post I will explain you how to disable it completely.

Note: By default Facebook has enabled this feature (well I don’t know why?), so follow these steps to disable it completely.

1. Login to your Facebook account and select Privacy settings from your Account link on top.


2. Select Customize settings from bottom.

3. Now find the section “Things others share”.


4. Select Suggest photos of me to friends and click on Edit settings button.

5. A window opens up which will show you that this feature is in enabled mode. Click on the enabled drop down button and select Disable and click OK.


That’s it; this disables this feature on your account.

I hope Facebook makes it more clean at least in its future features, and give most priority on user’s priority.

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