Easy Way to Uninstall Applications with Menu Uninstaller

Uninstalling a software or application in Windows is not as smooth as it sounds. Well for someone who regularly uses Windows won’t have much issue in navigating to control panel and removing application etc.

In this post I will tell you about a freeware utility which can make the whole process simple, once you have installed this simple application you can remove any software by just right clicking it and selecting the Uninstall from the menu, that’s all.

Menu Uninstaller is a simple freeware utility from LeizerSoft; you can download it and install it. Once after that just right any application, well from anywhere like Desktop or start menu and then you can see the Uninstall menu on the right click context menu. Just select that and normal uninstallation process will come up which will remove the application.


The biggest advantage of this simple freeware is that it works with shortcuts also, which means that when you right on any application shortcut on desktop, it will start uninstallation process.

Surely Menu Uninstaller is great utility for all those who really don’t want to mess around Windows to remove any application.

You can grab it: Download Menu Uninstaller.

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