The Fastest Virus Scan, Quick Online Scanner from Bit Defender

Bit defender has now come up with a brilliant online scanner – Quick Online Scanner and if you ask what’s so great in that, its lightning fast.

It’s said that scanning takes less than 60 seconds (at normal conditions), well that’s something unbelievable. But Quick Online Scanner claims to give you that. Another great feature of Quick Online Scanner is that it’s available as browser add-ons for Firefox, Chrome and browser widgets which can enhance your security and protect your resources.

Some features:

1. Super speed scanning, takes less than 60 seconds.

2. No need to install, scanning done online and you only need an internet connection.

3. Integration with browsers and webpages.

4. Uses in cloud scanning technology which not only makes scan fast but also detects latest threats and vulnerabilities.

5. Dedicated mail id ( for informing compatibility issues.

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