How to make Google +1 Recommendation private

Google +1 is new service started by Google as a competitor to Facebook like. With Google +1 you can recommend any webpage or blog so that it can read by any of your friends or colleges and also helps webmasters since their website or blog gets popular among Google search results.

But on the same note Google +1 has a privacy issue also involved in ,when you recommend a site you profile becomes public and can we viewed by users also it becomes visible on internet . For web users who don’t want make it public, this tutorial will help you. In this post I will explain how to make your Google +1 recommendation private.

1. First login to your Google profile here:

2. Click on Edit profile.

3. Click +1’s link on the page.

4. Now to hide, uncheck Show this tab on my profile and click on Save button. (You can revert this option back whenever you want.)

You also have option hide/remove a particular entry from this page.

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