How To Resend The Google Verification Email

I just signed up for a new Youtube account for one of my other sites. The signup process is pretty straightforward. Enter your desired username, email address, birthday and gender, and on the second page your password and the verification captcha. If everything is correct, Google will send out a verification email. This email is used to verify that you are the email account owner.

The account is set to be semi-active until the email address has been verified. This is done by opening a link in the email in a web browser.

I did not get the verification email in the account, and decided to investigate the matter after 10 minutes of waiting. Google mentions that it can take a few minutes to receive the email, but ten minutes was all that I wanted to wait.

Google lists the username and Google account email address on the last account sign up page. It is a good idea to verify that the email address is correct so that you can be sure the verification email was send to the right email address.

But how can you get Google to resend the verification email to your account?

Google offers two suggestions to users who did not receive the verification email:

*) They ask the users to check their spam and bulk mail folders to make sure that the verification email was not filtered out as spam. That’s the first thing that you should do. If the first email landed there and you did not check, you can be pretty sure that the second email will be flagged as spam as well.

*) Request a new verification email. If you have made sure that the email is correct, and that the verification email has not been flagged as spam, you may want to ask Google to resend the email to your email address.

Users can get a new Google verification email by signing in to their new account. Remember, the account is semi-active, which means that it is possible to sign in and out among other things. When you sign in to the Google Accounts homepage you will see an “Account verification needed” message there, with an option to resend the verification email.

Just click on the link there to resend the email. You can repeat the process multiple times, which may sometimes be necessary if your email provider is experiencing technical difficulties.

In short: If you have not received the email with the verification link sign in to your Google account to resend it.

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