Insert a Picture Directly into the Body of a Gmail Message

Would like to send a picture, images or screenshot to somebody? There is only one method if you are using the Gmail: attach the item(s) to the message. That’s well and good if you just want to attach the image, but what if you want to embed/insert an image in the body of the e-mail (missing outlook?!)? You won’t find any such option even if you scan all that tool-bars. So what to do if you want that function so badly. Here it is.

Just Go to Gmail Labs (In case you’re not familiar with Gmail Labs, you can reach there by click on Settings -> Labs). You will see a lot of functions which Google is testing out. Scroll down and you will see a feature called ‘Inserting images’. Click on ‘Enable’ and Save the Changes.

Now, when you go to the Compose mail, you will see a new button in the Mail toolbar.

Just Click on it and you can select an image to upload from your PC or paste a link to an image you’ve found online.

Once you’ve chosen your image, Gmail will paste it into the e-mail wherever your cursor was when you clicked Insert Image.

You can resize the image by clicking and dragging any of the handles, or by choosing any of the four available size presets: Small, Medium, Large, and Original Size. This is actually a great little feature and it should deserves a permanent place in Gmail. Hopefully it will be soon.

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