Now search images with an image on Google

When it comes to innovation Google has always stood apart from others, yet again they have done it. Google has added a new feature to its image search further by introducing image search with an image.

Well if you are confused with what I said, I will explain it more clearly. Normally when need to search any images what we do is to go into Google and put the name of subject which we want to search and then the results with relevant images are displayed. Now consider a situation where you have option to search images with an image. Yes Google now has this. Now on Google image search you can search any image with the image you have.

This is something really great from Google since till now we only had option to search images if you have the name of particular subject.

Now think a situation that we have an image of person whose name we don’t know, but you want to search for more images of the same on Google. Before you do not have any option for situation like this but now with this unique feature added in Google search it becomes possible.

See a below example:

In this example, I used an image of famous star Kim Kardashian (with name of image ttt.jpg). I browsed the image by clicking small camera image thumb inside the Google search text box.

Google then automatically uploaded the image and gave me relevant results or rather I can say perfect result.

Well what more you have option to just drag and drop images right into the Google Image search box both from your Pc or any web page.

See the below video:

Well for me this feature is something which I always wanted and now its there. Great Google!!! Keep up the good work

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