OneSwarm, to Protect your privacy on peer to peer network

Torrents, peer to peer networks are common thing in the net world. There would very little number of people around the world who don’t know them or haven’t used them in their day to day activities. Since we all living in the age of super-fast internet the importance of these sites have gone sky high. We use peer to peer like different torrent sites for multiple purposes like downloading songs, movies ,software’s ,play games and many more. Whether it is legal or illegal it’s another topic of debate.

Here in the post I will discuss about a technology startup which is aimed to protect our privacy in these networks. Normally when we use peer to peer networks like Torrents, our information is openly available for ISP and our connection providers or even hackers. For example services famous P2P networks like BitTorrent share data with anyone that asks for it, this enables them in (the third party) to systematically monitor our network activity or behavior. This simply means that using a P2P network, our online activities become publicly available for all.

This scenario is a threat for our privacy, which can affect us on long term. This is when we need some kind of a way to protect our privacy when using these networks.

OneSwarm gives just like that service; it’s a peer-to-peer tool that powers users with explicit control over their privacy and let them decide how data is shared.

Learn more about OneSwarm from below video:

Learn more: OneSwarm Homepage.

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