STranslator, Skype Chat Translator

Most of the time you will be talking on Skype with people that speak your language, family members, business associates or college friends for instance. Sometimes however you may encounter a situation where translation may be appropriate to communicate with someone on Skype, for instance your new Japanese pal or a new business parnter from Germany.

While it is possible to use an external service like Google Translate to do the translating, realtime translating in the Skype chat interface is usually the better choice as it is less complicated to use.

STranslator is a free software for Skype that integrates right into the popular voice over IP software. Make sure you have the latest version of Skype installed on the system before you run the installer of the translation software.

STranslator requires that the Java Runtime Environment is installed on the system. When you run it, it will automatically scan the Skype chat and start to add translations whenever different languages are detected. The program uses the default user profile language for this.

Say one of the chat users uses English, while another German. STranslator will automatically add translations to the original messages so that both appear in the Skype interface. Translations will automatically stop if users type in the same language.

It is furthermore possible to stop translations at any time with a right-click on the system tray icon and the selection of Pause from the context menu. Select activate when you want the translations to continue.

The developer has created a short demonstration video that highlights the program’s features.

STranslator runs in the background until you close the application. It works similar in many regards to Google Translator for Skype with the difference that the latter is a plugin for Skype with better integration in the voice over IP software.

Users who are looking for an instant chat translator for Skype may want to take a closer look at STranslator. The software is only available for the Windows operating system. Downloads are provided at the developer website.

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