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If you are WordPress blogger you might have come across different terms which are related to WordPress blogs, and not only WordPress blogs lots of same type CMS applications. Such a term is Pingback and Trackback which you will see often if you are WordPress user. Let’s see what the real meaning of these words.

Trackback: Developed originally by the “Moveable Type” blog package. Trackback can be explained by simple example, suppose A writes a post on his/her blog, B wants to comment and also let know his/her users about this. To achieve this B writes a post and then set a Trackback which means a “One or two line summary of A’s blog linking back to A’s original post. By this both users can share their links to each other. Thus improving both blogs popularity helping each other.

Note: While Trackback can be really helpful at times, so bad people can really use this to spam. Or to link back to their sites to promote spams and unwanted adware’s. So it becomes every bloggers responsibility to keep a check before approving the Pingback and linking to other sites.

Pingback: Pingback is almost same like Trackback with slight changes. Here in Pingback if you consider above example A gets automatic information about the pingback. This results in a greater authenticity factor since main person (A in this example) can verify if the Pingback is original or fake.

You can read more: Trackback Documentation.

Pingback Documentation.

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