4 Reasons why VPS Hosting is Better than Shared Hosting

There are many reasons to convince you on why you should choose Virtual Private hosting or the VPS hosting rather than going for shared hosting or even dedicated hosting. But, we will now see what the 3 main reasons are and the biggest reasons on why VPS is just perfect for you.

Safe and Secured:
You can host your website by opting any type of hosting, but the main point here is the safety and security, compromising this is not at all a good idea. Where in shared type of hosting, the security and safety is the biggest concern as many websites are shared on a single hosting type so even if one single websites violates the terms and conditions then Adsense and other monetary components of whole IP will be blocked which is basically a huge setback or drawback in the shared type of hosting and to top of it it’s not even secured way to host, but in VPS type of hosting you are the only one and this can’t happen in this hosting and also VPS basically uses the splitting server, it’s more of a just like a house with multiple partitions in the form of rooms. Each virtual server can run its own full fledge operating system and then individual server can be rebooted independently without causing any sorts of trouble to other server.


Faster and Reliable:
With VPS hosting what exactly you can do is you can split into several virtual servers and each one can run its own full-fledged operating system. Like suppose if you have 50 websites in all, then you can split these 50 into 5 virtual servers with which your websites will be further reliable and will load faster. If compared with shared and dedicated hosting, this VPS hosting perfectly fits in as where shared type of hosting can’t provide faster and reliable services, dedicated server can provide advance set of security and reliable service but then the cost associated with this is very big.

The Virtual private servers these are inherently scalable which means that whether you need a minimum space allocation for running the simple email or the VPN end point or the web server with definite resources which supports the extensive database applications for heavy traffic and also the VPS hosting plan meets the requirement of the VPS link. Basically the high-end hardware is allocated for ensuring the performance better than the shared hosting. In shared type of hosting there is a minimal allocations of memory and bandwidth to the unlimited plans which are commonly offered by the providers, though the availability of some features may be restricted; no matter which plan is selected, the hosting account will likely reside on the same hardware.

Hosting Choices & Control:
In VPS hosting you can choose from over more than 30 Linux operating system templates and can almost choose and install anything which you need it but in shared type of hosting you can only use the operating system which hosting provider provides you as a choice and can only use the installed services of the provider’s choice. If we talk of control then too VPS hosting holds an edge as in VPS you get a range of package of your choice to match the specific needs ranging from Linux to Windows to space to the bandwidth and what’s more is you can also select the forex specific hosting account but with shared you just get an advanced file hosting system with no control on what so ever.

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