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Internet has become an integral part of our time. We use it every day for various reasons like access emails, browse websites and blogs, social network, download stuffs and that list goes on. As Internet technology has advanced so has advanced the risk and security issues related with it. When browsing internet most of us are very casual and don’t think much of security threat some sites or online application can cause. We require some kind of protection when online which protects all kinds of threats we are online. A good antivirus can protect us but most of the times when we are on internet chances are there we reach up on a website which can be a security threat.

Browser Defender is a toolbar from developers of Pctools which allows you to surf safely by displaying site ratings as you browse the internet. Whenever you check any webpage Browser Defender server checks the webpage address and it displays a safety rating. This rating based on any potentially malicious behavior or threats associated with the site.

Browser Defender also rates the search results by adding marks up to search results from search giants like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc so that you can get a correct picture if it’s safe or unsafe before you visit them.

Browser Defender toolbar is free and available for Firefox and Internet Explorer.

You can grab this toolbar here: Browser Defender.

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