Increase your laptop battery life with Microsoft Fix it

As you all might be aware of Microsoft fix it which is designed to help Microsoft Operating system users world over to resolve many of their pc issues. The greatest part of Fix it is it’s a free support service provided by Microsoft for its users and is updated regularly with fixes which your operating system need time to time.

Microsoft Fix it now comes up with power consumption tweaks for laptop users. It’s a known fact that with operating systems like Windows 7 with all your fully loaded applications eats your battery life very fast. Even the best performing laptops are fallen victims to it. So now Microsoft itself took the initiative to give some relief to the long hauling problem.

Microsoft Fix it will now detect your power consumption as accordingly and sets it to default level which can save lots of battery life. Fix it will now take care of power modes like sleep mode, screen saver settings, display brightness, best power plan, wireless management, processor usage and many more.

You can download the latest Fix it here: Download Microsoft Fix it.

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