Report a bug on Facebook and win USD 500

Do you know now you can get paid if report a bug on Facebook to Facebook ? Since major web giants like Google have entered social network market. Competition between social networks has increased.

Now the best way to survive the competition is to give its users a bug free, safe and secure network and this is important since many of us won’t try a social network if it’s potentially a dangerous website to deal with.

Well working on this track, Facebook has now come out with something unique, or something which no other social network has tried.

Now you can report a bug to Facebook and then get rewarded for that. Yes Facebook has announced such a service ,code named “Security Bug Bounty” which explains itself like this “To show our appreciation for our security researchers, we offer a monetary bounty for certain qualifying security bugs…..

So now if you are someone who just not only use Facebook to access your network but also keeps an eye on what’s all happening around it, what are new errors,bugs and vulnerablities etc, you can report it directly to Facebook who will check the matter and if found legitimate and first time reported, will reward you with USD 500.

Well strategically Facebook gains 2 things out of this, one isnFacebook gets the information about any such bugs or vulnerability and can fix it quickly before it gets public and raise a finger against their credibility since people concerned are getting paid to report and second thing more people becomes alert to check for such since they themselves get benefited.

Learn more here: Facebook’s Security Bug Bounty.

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