WinRAP, Protect, Hide Running Applications In Windows

There is no way to hide or protect applications in the Windows operating system so that users with local access to the operating system cannot see and access them. While some applications offer password protection to prevent unauthorized access, it is sill possible to see that the program is running, for instance by checking the program icons in the Windows system tray or by opening the task manager.

The portable software WinRAP has two core features. The first option is to hide applications in Windows which hides the open application window from appearing in the taskbar. If you leave it at that, someone else could still see that the software is running by opening the task manager or looking at the system tray. To avoid that, it is possible to disable the task manager and hide the taskbar in locked status.

The program populates the list of running applications on startup. You hide one or multiple apps in Windows by selecting them first and pressing the H hotkey afterwards. You can alternatively click on the Hide button. You will instantly notice that the application does not appear in the taskbar anymore.

Windows 7 users can customize the system tray to hide application icons and notifications there natively, which would leave the task manager to find out that a specific program is running on the system.

You can lock the application which adds password protection to the program. Users who want to access the list of programs need to enter the correct password to do so. The WinRAP icon itself is fully transparent in the system tray in this state.

The default password (1234) can be changed in the options. This is also the place where a new hotkey can be set for unlocking the program’s stealth mode.

WinRAP does not offer 100% protection against users who snoop around on a PC system. One option would be to install a third party process manager like Process Explorer to get a listing of all applications and processes running on the system.

Windows users can download WinRAP from the program website over at Sourceforge. The program is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit editions of the Windows operating system.

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